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    Pupil’s Details

    Parent / Grand-parent Details

    Secondary School Pupils ONLY

    Please attach a statement about your ambitions and thoughts for the future.


    I/We wish to apply for an NZCU Auckland Scholarship for the pupil named above for the 2019 school year and confirm that:

    1. I/We am/are the parent or grandparent of the pupil and the information supplied for this application is true and correct.
    2. I/We are Members of NZCU Auckland as at 1st December 2018.
    3. By sending this application, I authorise NZCU Auckland (for the purposes listed above) to:
      - make enquiries about my child with the school named above or previous schools attended by my child;
      - if successful, use our names and/or photographs in any press release, Newsletter, web page or other reports concerning the Scholarship.
    4. I understand that the decision of NZCU Auckland regarding the allocation of the Scholarships shall be final and no correspondence may be entered into after the decision has been made.