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  • Better Way for Term Deposits

    We offer flexible and competitive Term Deposit options to get the most for your investment and to suit your needs.

    Reach your savings goals

    Interest Calculated Daily

    Flexible and competitive interest calculated on a daily basis. Just watch your investment grow.

    Maturity Options

    You can arrange to get paid interest at regular intervals (conditions apply) or on maturity to any account of your choice*

    Term Length to Suit You

    Choose a term that fits with the amount of time you have to invest; from 90 days to 60 months.

    CUA Term Deposit Rates

    Effective:  15 January 2024

    Rates are subject to change without notice. Minimum deposit - $500

    Interest can be paid out or compounded quarterly, six-monthly, annually or on maturity.
    Call Today - 09 571 6775

    Term$500 – $9,999$10,000 – $500,000
    3 months3.80% p.a.3.80% p.a.
    6 months*5.05% p.a.5.05% p.a.
    9 months*5.50% p.a.5.50% p.a.
    12 months*6.60% p.a.6.60% p.a.
    18 months*6.15% p.a.6.15% p.a.
    24 months*6.15% p.a.6.15% p.a.

    CUA Term Deposit notes

    • You are advised of your options before maturity, including reinvesting for a further term
    • Money from term deposits is invested into your local community to help New Zealanders succeed together.