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    Credit Union Auckland and First Credit Union look to unite. You are invited to a Special General Meeting of Credit Union 18 April 2024 Auckland - Click here to Register & Join

    For more information, go to link https://nzcuauckland.co.nz/new...

    Careers at NZCU

    NZCU Values

    Our brand is very important to us and carries for our customers a promise of "succeeding together".

    We succeed together by creating a memorable and satisfying customer experience through bringing three values to life. These values form the basis of how we work together – how we serve our customers and local community.

    We value:

    Friendly banking professionals

    We share our knowledge and expertise to guide members on the journey to making the best financial choices for themselves, whatever their aspirations. We achieve this through a professional approach and a prudent attitude towards our customer’s investment.


    Community is at the heart of our existence. We all share a common bond to enrich the lives of individuals and families – something that we should feel really proud of and celebrate more. We appreciate that every community is unique, just like the people that make it up … and we value these differences.


    We all share a genuine commitment to making a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes this might just be a quick fix; often it may become a lasting solution. We do this by gaining a real understanding of people’s different situations and needs.

    Careers at NZCU

    It doesn’t matter what role you are in — your role is integral to helping the team deliver on our promise of "succeeding together".

    A career at NZCU offers:

    • Leadership training through our annual Future Leaders programme
    • Continuous learning
    • Awards and recognition
    • Career progression

    Your contribution to our vision is operating

    • as a team member
    • with a passion for excellence
    • whilst empowered and owning your actions
    • and treating everyone with respect and integrity will contribute to creating a rewarding and productive team environment.

    Contact us about careers at NZCU