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  • Notice to Members:

    NZCU Auckland Penrose site is closing. The last day of business will be 26th August 2022. Don’t worry though, we will be coming back across the road at 956 Great South Road, Penrose in December 2022. In the meantime our Penrose team will be based at our Highbrook site 5 Cryers Road, East Tāmaki (next door to Woolfy’s Café) until our new branch is built. 

    Member Complaints and Disputes Policy

    Every attempt will be made to resolve a complaint in a timely manner, with staff escalating as necessary to Branch management and/or senior management. Any complaint received will be acknowledged in an appropriate manner within 48 hours. If resolution is not forthcoming, the dispute can be escalated to Financial Services Complaints Limited.

    Complaints can be either one of two levels:

    • Level 1 can be dealt with and the problem fixed quickly (normally within 48 hours), without major work and the Member accepts our solution;


    • Level 2 where a solution offered as above is rejected by the Member or the complaint requires additional work and investigation to be done at a Management level. This may result in an interview with the Member and/or the staff involved. Level 2 complaints require investigation and negotiation to bring them to an acceptable conclusion. Detailed files must be maintained with no exceptions as if the problem needs to be escalated to FSCL then the file will “stand on its own”.

    • All complaints will be recorded. Level 1 complaints will be recorded as a Diary Note in the Member’s Customer Information File (CIF) explaining the issue and the resolution. Level 2 complaints require that a detailed account of the issue and the Member’s dissatisfaction be recorded in the format attached to this policy. The form is to be completed at the start of the process and forwarded to the General Manager. Updates are to be provided until the complaint is resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

      If a complaint cannot be satisfied to the satisfaction of both parties then it will be escalated to the Chairman of the Credit Union.

      If the Board is unable to resolve the complaint, or the Member refers it to FSCL, full co-operation will be provided to FSCL to enable them to facilitate a satisfactory conclusion.

      Upon resolution of the complaint, the General Manger will review the file and implement any system/process changes that may be indicated are required and instigate any training needs highlighted.