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    Posted on October 17, 2017

    Safe Use of ATM's

    NZCU Auckland is not just about better value loans and higher interest rates on savings – we also provide first class banking services as well. And we’ll also tell you how you can save money and protect your cash. We don’t want either the big banks or the crims to rip you off as we’re here to look after your interests!

    Helpful tips for using ATM’s

    Are you someone who regularly uses ATM’s to get balances or when you’re short of cash? Do you just use the first ATM that comes in sight? Do you make sure you protect your card and PIN from skimmers?

    Some ways to avoid ATM fees

    1. Register for telephone and/or internet banking and get balances and transfers between your accounts for nothing. If your bank doesn’t do this for free, talk to us.
    2. If you want cash, ask for cash out when you use EFTPOS. This won’t cost you any more which means the cash transaction is free.
    3. If you do use ATM’s, make sure you use your bank’s ATM and not another bank’s ATM as there is no cost for anything! If you have a Credit Union card, visit our website at www.nzcuauckland.co.nz and click the link under the Ways to Bank/ATM Network heading for a list of our ATM’s.

    Keeping Safe

    You also need to be careful so that you keep yourself and your card safe. Criminals are targeting ATM’s more and more these days with skimming devices attached to the machines or simply just robbing people as they walk away with the cash. Here are a few simple tips to keep yourself safe:

    1.  Check the ATM before using it

    Take a quick look at the ATM to make sure it looks OK.

    • Only use ATMs situated in well-lit and busy areas, particularly after dark. Preferably, use an ATM located indoors, in a bank or Credit Union branch, or one that is monitored by CCTV. Try to steer clear of machines that have been vandalised or mistreated.
    • ATM fraudsters use tactics such as skimming which is where they place false fronts over the card slot to copy your card details. They may also have put a small camera inside the hole in the wall or above the keypad to video you entering your PIN. If anything looks "stuck on", use another ATM.

    2.   Look for people hanging around the ATM

    Don’t use an ATM where people are just hanging around without any real purpose. Thieves and ATM fraudsters will use anything to get your money. They may try and trick you into revealing your PIN to a stranger, or even mug you once you’ve got the cash.

    • If you feel uneasy about taking cash from a machine in a certain area, take a friend with you to be look-out.
    • If you spot anyone loitering around an ATM looking suspicious, report them immediately to the police.

    3.   Protect your PIN

    • Always place your hand over the keypad to act as a shield while inputting your PIN.
    • Avoid inputting your PIN if there are people too close to you and never reveal your PIN to anyone, not even bank staff, family or friends.
    • Never write down your PIN and leave it in your wallet or handbag. Doing so will provide thieves with your cards and PIN, meaning they can access your account immediately.
    • Don’t give your PIN to family or friends.
    • Having your PIN on paper or telling someone breaches the terms of your card and if anything happened, the bank can refuse to repay you.

    4.   Never accept help from strangers

    It doesn't matter how inoffensive, friendly or polite someone may appear, never accept help from strangers.

    • If your card gets stuck in a machine, do not leave it there. Report it immediately using your mobile phone.
    • If you brought a friend along with you to withdraw cash, one of you can remain at the ATM while the other goes to report it.
    • Strangers may offer to help, but they can't. Again, never reveal your PIN to anyone, not even if they claim to work for your bank, the owner of the machine, the local authorities or the police.

    5.   Don't withdraw cash after drinking alcohol

    • Try to withdraw all the cash you need at the beginning of an evening out, rather than late at night.
    • Skimmers are known to target ATM’s near bars and pubs.
    • Alcohol impairs your judgement and can make you less likely to spot a dodgy cash machine or notice suspicious activities.
    • Alcohol consumption can also make you more trusting of 'helpful' strangers should you experience any problems at an ATM, such as your card getting stuck.
    • If you've drunk just a little too much, there is also the risk that you won't remember to take your card or the cash.