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    Posted on October 17, 2017

    The Benefits of NZCU Insurance

    NZCU Auckland is not just about better value loans and higher interest rates on savings – we also provide Members with access to insurance products as well. These are underwritten by Co-op Insurance NZ, a licensed insurer owned by Co-op Money NZ of which NZCU Auckland is an owner. This means that your interests are always looked after by people who work for us!

    Here’s a sample of the benefits available to you:

    Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance

    Life is unpredictable and we never know what’s around the corner. If you’ve got a personal loan with us, you’ll want to know that your repayments will still be made even if you’re sick, have had an accident, been made redundant or even worse, die.

    Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance is a very good and cost-effective way to make sure you focus on what’s really important in the event of something unexpected happening, without the added stress for you and your family of repaying your loan.

    With Loanminder Loan Protection Insurance you get:

    • Cover in the event of sickness, accident, death, trauma, redundancy and bankruptcy.
    • You can choose to cover any of the above events.
    • Premiums are calculated on your daily loan balance and paid monthly, so you’ll never overpay.
    • This means your premiums decrease as you pay off your loan, so you’ll only pay for insurance on the loan balance owing.

    What can you do to make your life better?

    We recommend Loanminder to all Members with Loans but if you don’t want it – that’s OK. We will get you to sign a form that you opted not to take out Loanminder and that's not a problem.

    But it’s important that you remember to call us if you’re sick or have an accident or anything else happens to you so we can get the claim going.

    Carminder Third Party Vehicle Insurance

    We provide range of car insurance products to protect you, your family and your vehicle to help you sleep easier at night.

    You can choose from Carminder Comprehensive or Third Party Car Insurance with the ability to add on additional benefits such as Roadside Assistance for cover in the event your car breaks down.

    Third Party cover protects you if you accidently damage someone else’s vehicle and it’s your fault.

    Even if your car isn’t worth a lot, you still need to protect yourself in case you accidentally damage someone else’s car or property. With Third Party cover, your fears about having to pay a big bill if you have an accident that’s your fault, are lessened.

    Your car is also covered for up to $3,000 if you have an accident with an uninsured driver of another vehicle who is completely at fault (and you provide us with the details of the other vehicle and driver).

    We offer:

    • The best price with our ability to match prices of an equivalent quote from another insurer
    • Accident-free discounts
    • Flexible payment terms
    • Simple claims process

    For either of these policies (or anything else insurance) talk to your Branch Manager the next time you’re in the branch or call us any time.