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    Better Way to Save

    We're ready to help you choose the right savings account for your goals.

    Save for a Goal with NZCU

    Save for your goals faster. With a savings account with NZCU, the new car, house deposit or holiday may not be too far away!

    Consider your goals and take note of rates and fees to find the NZCU Savings Account that’s right for you.
    Loyalty Saver

    Loyalty Saver – savings linked to loans

    Enjoy the best deal on loans by starting an NZCU Loyalty Saver. Here’s how it works – the money you place in a Loyalty Saver account acts as security against an NZCU personal loan. Loyal Savers are rewarded with access to lower interest loans. The more you save the lower your loan interest.

    A positive Loyalty Saver account shows your ability to save regularly and improves your access to low-interest loans when you need them.

    • Demonstrate your ability to save and build a stronger credit history.
    • Loyal Savers are rewarded with access to low-interest loans.
    • Savings used as security give you access to affordable loans.
    • The more you save the lower your loan interest.
    • Any part of the balance in the account in excess of a loan balance can be withdrawn on 14 days' notice. Immediate withdrawal is available at the discretion of NZCU Auckland with a $20 early withdrawal fee.

    Apply for a Loyalty Saver Account

    Christmas Saver

    Christmas Saver – take the stress out of the holidays

    Christmas time and summer holidays can be a real drain on finances. Smooth out that heavy expense period with a Christmas Saver account at NZCU. Just set up an account and deposit regular amounts into your NZCU Christmas Saver throughout the year to give your family the special things at Christmas time.

    • Savings account for Christmas spending
    • Deposit regular amounts into your NZCU Christmas Saver throughout the year.
    • A limit of $100,000 can be held in this account.
    • Free cash withdrawals and transfers available over Christmas and New Year (1 December to 31 January).
    • Earn our highest interest rate on savings in Christmas Saver.
    • Early withdrawals available (1 February to 30 November) at the discretion of NZCU Auckland with a $20 early withdrawal fee.

    Apply for a Christmas Saver Account

    Success Saver

    Success Saver - for serious savers

    For serious savers the NZCU Success Saver will make your money work harder for you by earning you high interest on call.

    • Interest is calculated monthly based on minimum monthly balance.
    • Interest is credited to your Success Saver account monthly to reward you for regular savings.
    • The more you save the faster you build your savings.

    The more you save the more money you will earn from interest which will help you reach your goals faster.

    Apply for a Success Saver Account
    Kids Cash Saver

    Kids Cash Saver – give your children a head start

    Encourage your children to develop good savings habits early in life. Just direct credit small amounts from pocket money or job earnings. Make free transfers, of as little as $1 a week, from your account or say their grandparents’ NZCU account. Your children get to be part of a cool club with other kids. They’ll receive a membership card and other benefits along the way to becoming a good saver.

    • No fees. Earn interest on every dollar saved.
    • Free direct credits and transfers.
    • Be part of a kids cool club.

    Give your children a head start for a bright future with good savings habits make them a part of the Kids Cash Saver club today.

    Apply for a Kids Cash Saver Account

    Goal Saver

    Goal Saver – save for a specific purpose

    Our Goal Saver account is a savings account designed to help you save for a specific purpose – a new car, the latest phone, new clothes, or a well-deserved family holiday. Whatever your goal, Goal Saver will help you get there.

    • You decide how much you’ll put away on a regular basis e.g. each payday.
    • You decide when you want to reach your goal.
    • Avoid temptation and access your money when you reach the goal amount.
    • Even personalize your account name to match your goal e.g. “Fiji, here we come!”

    Apply for a Goal Saver Account