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    Posted on October 17, 2017

    Save on Power Bills

    NZCU Auckland is here to look after your interests not just about banking and loans. With winter already here, now is the time to start looking at how you can avoid big power bills!!

    During the winter months your power bill can increase hugely as you need the lights on for longer and the house needs heating. This can mean a very large bill if you’re not careful. Here are a few tips to get that bill under better control:

    1. Make sure you are on the best electricity plan for you with your power company. Most companies provide options including direct debits at a flat rate all year round, pre-payment meters and low use rates for people who don’t use much.
    2. Insulate your home or ask your landlord to.
    3. Most of your electricity bill will go on hot water so use less if you can. Set your washing machine on a cold wash and rinse your dishes in cold water. Showers use 60% less water than baths.
    4. Always turn the lights off in rooms when you leave them.
    5. Appliances that have a standby function (such as TVs, stereos, mobile chargers, computers or microwaves) should be turned off at the wall. This can save you up to $75 a year.
    6. Clothes dryers can be very expensive to run so try not to use them unless you really have to. Heated towel rails are also expensive and cost around $120 a year to run.
    7. When cooking keep the oven door closed. Always keep lids on pots and use as little water as possible to cook foods. Simmer rather than boil food.
    8. If possible use a microwave, as this uses 30-40% less power than a conventional oven. Defrost food naturally if possible, (in the fridge is best) rather than in the microwave.
    9. If you are eligible for a Entrust Dividend, you will get a letter asking how you want it paid. Chose to have it paid into your power account to reduce the amount you have to pay that month. If you want the cash, give them your NZCU account number.